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Presentation Media Guidelines & Requirements

Presentation Media may be used during the presentation to enhance and supplement the talk, but not to replace the speaker. Presentation Media should constitute at most 10% of the total speech.



Students may use Presentation Media during their presentations, within the following guidelines:

  • Visuals are to be used to enhance and supplement the talk, but not to replace the speaker. 
  • The actual experiment may not be used in the presentation
  • No materials may be passed to the judges during the presentation
  • All Media must be visible and/or audible to all in the presentation room.
  • Only a PJAS Technician may assist with the use of the Media Equipment 

In cases of doubt as to the appropriateness of a presentation, the State Judging Committee will make the final ruling.



PJAS is making the transition from traditional overhead transparencies to digital student presentations. At the PJAS State Competition BOTH digital and traditional overhead transparencies will be used.  The presentation format that you may use at the State Competition will be determined by your room assignment. Students will be notified in advance whether or not they will be in a digital unit.

However, during this time of transition, the standard format used at the Regional Competition may vary from region to region. Check with your specific region to determine which Presentation format(s) are required and/or accepted.


  • Digital is permitted only when PJAS provides the computer needed to present Digital Presentations
  • The equipment WILL BE provided to ALL Students at the Region 2 Regional Competition. 
  • Slides may contain text and graphics ONLY. 
  • Animations, music, and sound effects are NOT permitted. 
  • Digital Presentations MUST be in PDF format
  • Digital Presentations CANNOT exceed 10MGs (maximum includes file "overhead")
  • All Digital Presentations MUST be uploaded to the PJAS website by the stated deadline
  • (Follow posted instructions to Upload Digital Presentations)
  • Students should bring an ADDITIONAL COPY of their Digital Presentation on a thumb drive (in case there are technical problems with uploaded presentation)

See additional instructions for Creating a Digital PDF and Uploading Presentations to the website.

Read more: Digital Presentations Media


As stated above, overhead projectors will NOT be available at the Region 2 Regional Competition. However, you may be required to use the traditional method of overhead projector and transparencies for your presentation at the State Competition. If so, please use the following guidelines

  • Visuals should be in the form of transparencies, projected using an overhead projector
  • The equipment WILL BE provided at the State Competition
  • Slides may contain text and graphics ONLY 
  • Transparencies should be neat and easily visible to all in the presentation room



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