Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science

Competition Guidelines & Eligibility

Students in grades 7-12 are invited yearly to participate in one (1) of the PJAS Regional Competitions conducted within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. To complete in a PJAS Regional Competition, students conduct a scientific research project in 1 of the 12 Scientific Categories of Research identified by PJAS and then orally present that research to a team of judges at one of the Regional Competitions.

All participating students must have an adult sponsor. Adult sponsors can be teachers, parents, or scientists. The sponsors guide students through the scientific process and paperwork required to participate in a PJAS Regional Competition. This website provides general instructions for conducting research, as well as very specific guidelines for oral presentations in PJAS competitions.

Please review the information provided and read our Rules and Eligibility Guidelines for additional participant, project, and presentation guidelines and/or requirements to make sure your project stays within the outlined Project Parameters.

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